Sunday, September 18, 2016

Prospect Tournament Recap: Wings Suffer Brutal 5-0 Defeat By Blackhawks

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After satisfaction of the victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets, Red Wings was today in the morning light "practice", which consists of warming up and stretching and workouts with ice. With the tournament of four games in five days, fatigue can easily become an obstacle, if the teams are not careful. Unfortunately, the team wearing the winged Wheel, who hit the ice on Saturday, looked quite different than the team we say that Friday. The only change in the Wings lineup for his second game of the tournament was Alex Globke entering the lineup WTH line right wing, and Justin Brazeau leaves. What happened in the game, Chicago had wings butts whooped. The final score, 5-0 is appropriate, taking into account how well the Chicago played and how little Wings can generate offensive after the first period.

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